Direct HVAC Supply is a wholesale distributor of common air conditioning parts, supplies and tools such as contactors, start, run and fan capacitors, liquid and suction line filters, hard start kits, condenser motors, programmable thermostats, universal refrigerator motors, ac stop leak (residential, appliance and automotive), delay on break or make timers, hose sets, copper fittings, 15% silver solder, access valves, brass caps, authentic Schrader valves, swaging kits, tube cutters, reamers, deburrers, ratchet wrenches, vacuum pump and mineral oil, aluminum and black vinyl tape, test leads, cut to fit synthetic filters, wire nuts, wire female insulated quick connectors, blade fuses and more. We have a warehouse located in the Memphis, TN area and can supply one or thousands of the products listed. We are currently a distributor for Quality Engineering Products Corp., Schrader Int. Inc. and Envirosafe- Refrigerants Inc.

Wholesale HVAC Distributor
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